RMS Beauty “Un” Powder Review

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Today, I will be reviewing the RMS Beauty “Un” Powder. RMS Beauty is by far one of my favourite all natural and organic cosmetic lines out there. Why this powder is called “Un” powder is because it will not look like you are wearing any powder at all, as it is incredibly light and invisible on the skin. As my skin is very sensitive and reactive, I have to be really careful what I put on it. The RMS “Un” powder is perfect because it only contains one ingredient! I originally had bought this powder as I was in search for a good translucent setting powder to use all over my face. However, because my skin is very dry and I already use a mineral powder foundation, I couldn’t really find a use for this powder. Until, one day I discovered that this powder is great for filling in fine lines, in particular my smile lines, as well as to set the RMS un cover up concealer underneath my eyes!

Description on Website:

“The one and only powder you will ever need. This ultra fine, light reflective powder is the ultimate finish to perfect looking skin. A virtually invisible powder that minimizes the appearance of pores, softens the skin and absorbs oil.

Works synergistically with rms beauty “un” cover-up to create a silky second skin.
Suits every skin tone and adds no white residue.

Talc free, silicone free, perfume free and paraben free.”

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Ingredients: Silica

Feel: This powder feels so incredibly smooth and silky on the skin. It is also very light, so it feels as though there is nothing on your skin.

photo 3 photo 4

Application: Although this powder does come with a powder puff, I couldn’t really find a use for it. I use the Real techniques Base Shadow Brush from the Starter set. However, you can use any small eyeshadow or concealer brush you have. After I have applied my mineral foundation, I lightly press my brush into the product, tap off the excess, and press around my eye area to set my concealer. For my smile lines, I apply the powder in both a buffing and pressing motion to fill in the line.

Price: US $34.00

Size: 9 g (0.32 oz)

photo 5

Recommend? Yes. I would recommend this product only if you are willing to splurge on a good quality, toxic free all over setting powder.

Rating: 3.5/5

Where to Buy: http://www.rmsbeauty.com





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