Beauty Tip of the Day: Hot Washcloth Pimples


Hello beauties! Today, I’d thought i’d share a simple, but very effective beauty trick with you all. Have you ever experienced those under the surface hard pimples/cysts that have no head but are red? Have you tried icing them and that doesn’t work? Well, you’re in luck because this beauty trick works like a dream, literally getting red of completely/ reducing the under the surface pimple so incredibly fast. This technique best works when in the shower as the steam really works to open the pores. Simply place a cloth or small towel under warm/hot running water from the tap for a few seconds, then press the hot cloth right on the spot for a couple of seconds. Repeat this action a couple of times until you are satisfied, and make sure to not pick at the spot as it is under the surface. I don’t know much about the science behind this technique, but I do know that it works because of the blood flow from the warm/hot water, which improves the circulation of oxygen to the under the surface spot. In my experience, most of the time, the spot is gone the next day, however if it is particularly stubborn it might take a few tries. I hope this beauty trick will work for you as much as it does to me!





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