Pai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser Review


Hello beauties! Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the Pai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser. Pai is a certified organic skincare line, founded by Sarah Brown. It is designed mainly for people with sensitive skin. However, Pai also caters to people with various skin conditions, such as eczema, allergy prone skin, dermatitis, acne prone skin, and much more. Pai was one of the first certified organic skincare lines that i’ve tried. I first heard about it when I was researching certified organic skincare for sensitive skin, and read that actress and vegan, Natalie Portman, loves the brand, in particular the “Pai Chamomile and Rosehip Cream” (which I have not tried). Natalie Portman’s skin is AMAZING, so I thought I would give Pai a go! At the time, my skin was VERY dry, sensitive, and red (mainly due to the worst cleanser ever: Proactiv). I also started to develop eczema around my mouth area, which I never had on my face but I did once have it on my body. So, the Pai cleanser seemed like a great choice!

The description on the Pai website states:

“Pai Camellia & Rose Hydrating Cleansing Cream gently removes dirt, make-up and other impurities that build up on your skin throughout the day.

Bursting with Omega 3 & Vitamins A, B & E, it replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier, leaving it soft and supple.

The exfoliating muslin cloth lifts away dead skin cells to leave a smooth, even complexion.

Suitable for all sensitive skin types, the Pai Hydrating Cleanser is detergent and alcohol-free, so won’t dry out or irritate your skin.

Also suitable to use around the eyes to remove even waterproof mascara.”

-This cleanser is quite effective in removing light makeup.

-It definitely makes your skin feel so soft and supple, without feeling stripped of moisture. You still feel cleansed though.

-The muslin cloth (that is included) is a great tool in gently “exfoliating” away dead skin, making your skin feel super soft. However, at first the cloth can feel a little stiff/rough on the face, so it may take a few times for it to “soften” up. It also lasts quite a while.

-Definitely doesn’t irritate skin, and for sure calms down any redness.

-Doesn’t sting the eyes! I don’t wear waterproof mascara so I don’t know about that claim.

Skin Type: Sensitive, Anti-Redness, Dry, Combination.

This is a lightweight creamy cleanser that would definitely suit people with dry, red, and sensitive skin. If you are oily, I would stay away from this cleanser. My skin at the time of using this was definitely different to how it is now (that is why I do no use it anymore). I am now more combination/normal, but still dry. I find that my skin now works better with gentle foaming cleansers, rather than creamy ones.  However, at the time, this helped significantly with any redness, dryness and sensitivity.

Ingredients: aqua, camellia sinensis seed oil*, ricinus communis (castor) seed oil*, prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil*, cetearyl alcohol, vegetable glycerine*, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter* , cetearyl glucoside, rosa damascena (rose otto) oil*, pelargonium graveolens (geranium) oil*, lavandula officinalis (lavender) flower oil*, litsea cubeba fruit oil* – may chang oil, mixed tocopherols (natural vitamin e), sodium lauroyl lactylate, sodium anisate, sodium levulinate, lactic acid, glyceryl stearate citrate.

Size: This cleanser comes in 3 sizes. It comes in 50ml (only on certain sites) and this does not come with a muslin cloth, however it is a great trial size. You can also purchase the muslin cloth separately for only a small price. The next size is 100ml (muslin cloth included). The largest size is 200ml (muslin cloth included) which lasts forever!

Price: This can be a bit pricey (especially if you buy straight from the website). You can get it off or other sites for much less. However, because it is a cream cleanser and the bottle it comes in is quite generous, it lasts a while. On the website, for the 100ml, it is AUD $50.00. For the 200ml, it is AUD $70.00.

Smell: The smell is just divine! You can definitely smell the rose and camellia. It almost smells as if you are putting herbal tea on your face! The scent isn’t overpowering, but rather calming and soothing.

Texture/Feel: The texture is creamy, but not too much. It is very lightweight, yet moisturizing. If you have any irritated or red skin, you can immediately feel relief. It is very soothing and soft on the skin. Especially used with the muslin cloth, your skin feels very soft and supple. However, if you have any active breakouts, don’t use the muslin cloth as it may irritate.

Rating: 4/5

Recommend? I have a very love/hate relationship with this. Back when my skin had eczema and was very dry, this cleanser was PERFECT. However, now that my skin has changed to normal/combination/slightly dry, I find that I can’t use this anymore as it is too heavy and clogs my pores. I prefer gentle foaming cleansers now. However, if you have the skin type that this cleanser is designed for, I would absolutely recommend this! If you are unsure, I think you can get samples on the website, or you can purchase the smaller 50ml bottle on certain sites only, which is a great trial size. Keep in mind though you don’t get the muslin cloth with the 50ml.

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