Inika Kabuki Brush Review

I’d thought i’d share my holy grail makeup brush with you; the Inika Kabuki brush. I have owned this brush now for 3 years and it has worked wonders for me! Not only has it lasted for so long, but it is still in immaculate condition. I use it to apply pressed or loose mineral foundation. It is especially luxurious when used to apply the Jane Iredale Purepressed base. This brush is so unique in it’s ability to build up the coverage you desire; from light-full coverage.


Because the bristles are so dense, you are able to pick up a  lot of product, however you should be careful not to apply too much to the face. I use patting motions when i want to build up the coverage, and buffing motions when I would like a more natural, light coverage. The bristles are also so incredibly soft and pleasant to use on the face, without causing any irritation. The Inika Kabuki brush is made from 100% synthetic materials and wood from sustainable forestry, so no animal or environmental harm is done! This brush is loved by so many, that is has even won,  ‘Must Have Brush’ from the Natural Beauty Awards 2008. It is honestly the best makeup brush you will ever own!


Because I have had my brush for so long, Inika has since come out recently with a newer version of the brush, featuring an all black appearance, along with the Inika gold logo, which has rubbed off mine. The brush looks very sleek, following with the black and gold trend with all Inika products, which I really enjoy. On the Inika website, the Kabuki brush sits at AUD $59.95. Although this is pricey for a brush, it lasts for so long (make sure your clean it with either shampoo or soap regularly), and performs so well that the price is totally worth it! I really recommend this product as I could honestly not live without it! It is a must in my eco friendly brush kit.

For more information, visit the Inika website here.

Rating: 5/5





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