Jane Iredale Flocked Sponge

I have a range of good makeup brushes to use, but why I chose to purchase this makeup sponge, was because of it’s ability to create a full coverage application of my Jane Iredale Purepressed Base powder. The Jane Iredale website describes it as, “A sponge with a nap that glides across the skin. Applies and blends minerals like no other sponge.” I couldn’t agree more!


It’s made of synthetic (non-Latex) material, which helps to apply more coverage to your face, rather than soaking up all of the powder. It is very soft and plush when applied to the skin, not causing any irritation. The best way I have found to use this sponge, is to dab a bit into the powder, and press it lightly into the skin wherever you need extra coverage. I would be careful though to not go overboard and use too much as it could end up looking cakey. Overall, it makes the powder go on very seamlessly, covering any pimples or discolouration. The sponge will also last you a very long time, as it is washable, and you can use both sides to avoid any bacteria that may collect. If you have the Jane Iredale Purepressed base powder and you find that sometimes it may not give you the coverage you desire, I would highly suggest you invest in the flocked sponge as it will give you seamless full coverage!

Rating: 5/5

Recommend: Yes! Yes! and Yes!

Repurchase: Yes

Price:  $13 AUD. Definitely worth it.

Where to get it: http://www.skincarestore.com.au





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