Beauty Tip of the Day: Body Breakouts

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Hello Beauties!

Today I thought I would share some of my beauty tips that have helped dramatically in reducing the breakouts I used to get on my body, including my back, shoulders, chest, and upper arms. I didn’t necessarily have “bacne,” but rather clogged and irritated skin on my body from harsh scrubs and soaps, leaving it very sensitive. Not a lot of attention is put on body breakouts and treatment as much as facial breakouts out there. I believe that you should treat your back like you wash your face; it’s just as important. I have done a lot of research on this topic, as well as “experimented” with several home remedies and beauty tips out there. I’ve finally gotten rid of almost all breakouts, with the occasional one or two small pimples. So, I thought I would share with you what REALLY works. Enjoy!

1. Length of Hair & Hair Care Routine

The length of your hair can really affect the amount of breakouts you get as well as where you get them. My hair used to be waist length, and I would always break out around my lower back area. Since cutting it a lot shorter, I don’t experience breakouts nearly as often or as bad. Although your hair produces natural oils that can break you out, adding other oils to your hair can significantly clog the pores on your body and break you out. Another thing to consider is your hair care routine; from shampoo, conditioner, masks, hairspray and leave in treatments. Hair products, including shampoo and conditioner, definitely played a role in my body breakouts. For the moment, I find that the UNITE hair range works perfect for me as I never notice any breakouts from it.

2. Drink Plenty of Water & Green Tea with Lemon

I never used to believe that drinking water could have such an effect on my skin. Drinking 2L of water a day has honestly been AMAZING to my body breakouts. It has significantly reduced them, because drinking water flushes all the nasties out of your system. If these “nasties” aren’t flushed out, then they have nowhere to go but seep out of your pores and form into pimples (Gross!). Green tea with lemon (my miracle tea) is a wonderful antioxidant tea that really improves and heals my skin so much faster than anything I have ever tried! Occasionally, I also take a natural medicine that was recommended to me by my naturopath, to assist with irritable bowel syndrome. I’ve had this problem ever since I could remember, and this is the only thing that REALLY works. It’s called Iberogast and I put 20 drops of this into a cup of hot water, and that will be my tea. It’s made of all natural herbs, and it tastes wonderful! As before, why this is so important, is because all the “nasties” will build up in your body, and if they aren’t flushed out, they will seep out through the pores of your body.

3. Derma Roller 

Because of some marks left behind from where I picked at the pimples (bad idea!), I have been using the derma roller, and ABSOLUTELY love it! It also helps if i am having a breakout on my chest, back or arms. It stops the breakout in the process, dries it out, and reveals new skin days after. The breakout diminishes and heals much faster. I don’t think it’s specifically for the body the one I use, but it works nonetheless. I only do this about once a week or whenever I feel I really need to.

4. Ditch Harsh Body Soaps & Scrubs: Keep it Simple

I stick with the same philosophy as I do with my skincare routine; using water based products, keeping it simple, limiting the amount of products used, and use a gentle scrub 1-3 times a week. I recommend to ditch any harsh chemical soaps as well as comedogenic soaps (even the Cetaphil one clogs my pores!).  I recommend a water based, natural body wash, with a short ingredient list. I am currently using and LOVE the Kora Essential Body Wash. It’s green tea based, certified organic, and contains wonderful healing ingredients. It doesn’t break me out (which is very rare for a body wash, especially an organic one), and the oils in the product are acne healing and non pore clogging. I used to think that scrubbing furiously at the acne would make it go away, but it only makes the problem WORSE. DO NOT use a loofah! It irritated my skin so bad. Many experts also recommend to ditch the loofah; its too abrasive and collects bacteria! It’s good to use a sea salt, or pink himalayan sea salt based body scrub (Clarisea makes an excellent one) 1-3 times a week or just when you feel you need to. The key is not to OVERLY scrub or use a scrub that is too grainy and harsh. Another tip is to also use lukewarm water and avoid using any soap, body wash or scrub and just use water to avoid stripping your skin of its natural oils. I find this is when my skin is the clearest.

5. Wear Loose Clothes

As much as possible, you should wear loose clothes, preferably cotton as it’s breathable. Some fabrics can really irritate the body and make you break out. Also, be careful of harsh laundry detergents and fabric softeners you use, as they can potentially irritate the skin.

6. Healthy Balanced Diet & Food Allergy Test

A healthy, balanced diet can play a major role in the amount of breakouts you get on your body, especially if you’re intolerant to certain foods. I was experiencing a lot of bloating, and when I visited my naturopath, I took a food allergy/intolerance test, where your blood is taken from a small finger prick. You can also take a blood test for more extensive results, however the finger prick test does the job. The main thing I found that I was intolerant to was wheat. I was then put on a 6-8 week wheat free diet, which wasn’t easy at all. I noticed a significant reduction in bloating and breakouts on my body! After that, I slowly introduced small portions of wheat back in my diet, however I don’t eat it that often. Another thing that I have cut out of my diet is dairy milk, which caused so much cystic lumpy breakouts on my body and face. Once, I stopped my skin cleared dramatically. I also breakout with soy milk, so I stick to almond milk.

I hope these tips helped some of you, and your journey to clear skin on your body. I have used a lot of products to help clear my body, and have finally found the best routine. You can also find out more about the cause and treatment of the area of breakouts on your body through a Chinese Body Acne Map.






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