Endota Spa Cinnamon & Honey Lip Balm Review

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Hope you are all having a wonderful day! Today, I will be reviewing one of my all time favourite lip balms, Endota Spa’s cinnamon and honey lip balm. Endota Spa is a really great Australian certified organic skincare brand, with a variety of different ranges. I love supporting Australian certified organic skincare brands, especially when they deliver exceptional results! I also love that fact that they give back, donating 1% of skincare sales to Bush Heritage Australia, which is amazing!

I constantly struggle with dry, chapped lips, especially in winter. I received this product because it was included in a beauty pack I ordered from Endota Spa, but you can purchase it separately. This is by far the most moisturising lip balm that I have ever used, organic or not. Although it is relatively expensive for a lip balm, It contains really good quality certified organic ingredients that help to quickly and effectively nourish the lips.

When I first tried it, I thought it was an ok lip balm. Then, one cold wintery night, my lips were severely wind chapped and they hurt BAD. Soon after applying this lip balm, my lips were instantly soothed and moisturised, with absolutely no chapping! It was incredible! I love how you get INSTANT results with this! Leave it on overnight to wake up with incredibly soft and hydrated lips. It also tastes amazing! You can essentially ingest and lick it off, which I do a lot, because every ingredient is natural and organic. I love how you can read every single ingredient and understand what you are putting on your lips.

Description on Website:

“The lip balm luscious lips just love.”

Heavenly results:

“Plump lips. this lip balm is alive with organic ingredients to heal cracked lips and banish dryness. the result: pert, kissable lips.”

Down to earth ingredients:

“Organic honey is a powerful natural ingredient which attracts and retains moisture within the skin. moisturising, with antiseptic properties, it helps to heal dry, cracked lips. cinnamon lends a spicy, organic lip balm kick and packs some handy anti-inflammatory properties.”

Ingredients: Caster seed oil*, beeswax*, coconut oil*, cocoa seed butter*, papaya fruit extract, honey*, manuka branch/leaf oil, cinnamon bark oil, jojoba seed oil*, stevia leaf/stem extract, tocopheryl acetate. *certified organic.

Packaging: I love the packaging and applicator. It is in a tube packaging with a slanted applicator, which is the perfect size for the lips. It allows you to control how much of the product you dispense, especially because it is quite runny.

Smell/Taste: I love the smell and taste of this. When you first get it, it definitely tastes like honey and it has very tiny bits of cinnamon particles in there, which is very delicious. After that, it just smells like a combination of oils. It’s definitely a very earthy, natural pleasant smell and taste, which is never obnoxious.

Consistency/Feel: At first, I could feel tiny bits of cinnamon, I think, which easily melted away. However, the overall consistency, is a perfect mix of thick, runny, and oily. It’s honestly the most perfect and comfortable consistency for a lip balm. It feels very smooth and hydrating on the lips. It also gives a very nice shine and gloss. It definitely sinks into the lips after a little bit, but you can still feel the product working its magic! You don’t need to reapply that often either, because it works fantastically at hydrating the lips after one use!

Price: AUD $17.00

Size: 15ml/0.5 oz. Although it is a relatively small tube, because the consistency is like that of an oil, you only need a tiny bit.

Longevity: This product can definitely last you a while, because of its consistency. You only need a tiny bit to cover your entire lips.

Recommend? Absolutely 100% YES!!!

Rating: 5/5

Where to Buy: In any Australian Endota Spa or online here.





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