KORA ORGANICS Luxurious Rosehip Body Oil Review


Hello Beauties!

Today I will be reviewing the KORA ORGANICS Luxurious Rosehip Body Oil. You all know how much I absolutely adore this line of certified organic skincare because of my very sensitive, troublesome skin. I am very particular of what products I use on my skin, both face and body, because I am prone to breakouts and eczema. I have tried a lot of different products from the KORA range and so far have been absolutely impressed with pretty much everything I have tried. The quality of ingredients and the results you get is really amazing. I bought this product to help even out my skin tone and add hydration because I have really dry skin on my face and body. I also use the KORA Essential Body Wash, which works great with this product. I also use a derma roller on my body once a week to help build collagen, encourage cell turnover and help reduce some light marks I have leftover on my body from previous breakouts.

Previous to using certified organic body care, I used conventional body washes and scrubs that would irritate my skin and cause bumps to form on my skin. What I love about the KORA body range, the body wash and body rosehip oil in particular, is how light they feel on my skin. I cannot use coconut oil or any heavy oils on my skin because it will get clogged. I aim to use lighter, water based products on both my face and body. The Luxurious Rosehip Body Oil is great because it is such a light, watery oil that doesn’t clog my skin, hydrates it overnight leaving my skin silky soft in the morning, provides a nice healthy glow, and evens out my skin tone beautifully. I prefer to use this when I don’t have any active breakouts, however it works wonders when applied to small red bumps from ingrown hairs. It gets rid of them overnight! This is my second bottle of this heavenly goodness, so you know it’s good!


“A carefully blended powerful treatment Body Oil combining Noni Extract, and Organic Rosehip providing the skin with a rich source of antioxidants and Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’S). EFAs are important in preventing damage to skin tissues. This Luxurious Body Oil hydrates and replenishes the skin’s moisture levels. It improves skin tone and texture and leaves the skin feeling radiant, soft and healthy.”


“For the ultimate bath experience put a few drops of KORA Organics Luxurious Rosehip Body Oil into the bath to create a super moisturising bath experience. Alternatively, for a great after shower or after bath experience, warm several drops of this delicate, luxurious oil in the palms of the hands and rub all over the body into moistened skin. An essential multi-purpose, nourishing body oil designed to hydrate and illuminate the skin.”

Ingredients: Rosa eglentaria (Rose Hip) Oil*, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, d-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (Soyabean derived Natural Vitamin E), Punica granatum (Pomegranate) Oil*, Morinda citrifolia (Noni Fruit)*, Fragrance (Parfum), Limonene**. *Ingredient from Organic Farming. **From Essential Oils.



This product has the typical rosehip oil scent, which I can’t quite describe. It’s not a terribly offensive smell, but it is also not the most amazing smell either. I happen to really like the scent. The scent doesn’t linger very strongly on the skin, especially when left to soak in overnight.



Heavy Swatch

Heavy Swatch

Blended Out

Blended Out

As I said, this oil is very light and watery so it does have a runny consistency. It is incredibly easy to blend and spread over a large surface area of skin. It does take a little while to soak in after application, I’d say about 10 minutes and you shouldn’t have that oily feeling anymore. I like to press and dab it into the skin after i’ve applied it everywhere so that it dries quicker. It leaves your skin feeling so silky soft, supple, hydrated, and comfortable.


IMG_7136 IMG_7138

To use the product, just tip over the bottle and the product drips out. I really like the control and amount of product the top dispenses. However, I don’t like how the oil seeps around the top and down the bottle which can leave it feeling oily. I love the positive affirmation inscribed at the back, which reads confidence, as I feel like this product has definitely given me my confidence back.

Results: With continued use, results took up to a couple of weeks for me to see a difference with my uneven skin tone and texture. However, after the first use, my skin instantly felt and looked hydrated, glowy, smooth and supple. This product also doesn’t break me out, which is amazing for an oil!

Size: 80 mL / 2.7 fl.oz.

Skin Type: For all skin types. I find this is particularly good for dry, sensitive skin.

Price: AU$59.95. Although this is very pricey, the amount of product is reasonable and the results are worth it if you have uneven skin tone. It also lasts a while if you use it once/twice a week. Mine lasted for around 5-6 months.

Rating: 5/5

Recommend? Absolutely Yes! Because of it’s price, I would suggest this product to people who are concerned with uneven skin tone and texture on their body.

Where to buy: http://www.koraorganics.comhttp://www.net-a-porter.com.




8 responses to “KORA ORGANICS Luxurious Rosehip Body Oil Review

  1. This entire time I thought rosehip smelled like rose. :O Darn, I really wanted to get this oil, but I’m worried I won’t like the scent. I love your review 😀

    • Thank you Audrey! Yeah, unfortunately rosehip oil is known to have a funny scent that not a lot of people like. However, I am not too fussy with scents, as long as the product delivers amazing results. This product does however contain a mixture of other oils as well, so it doesn’t smell too bad in my opinion. Because this is so expensive, you could opt for another organic rosehip oil to see how you like the scent 🙂

      • I’m super tempted to get the Invigorate Set because I really love her products. Have you tried the new Cleansing Cloth? I really want to know how that stuff works. I’m still on the hunt for good face products, but definitely want to switch to her brand for my other body products. Love your blog!

      • Thank you Audrey! The Invigorate Set looks amazing 🙂 I definitely love the body wash and exfoliating cream. However, I found the body lotion was too heavy and broke me out, which is why I love the rosehip body oil. But, it smelt absolutely heavenly, like all her products. I haven’t tried the new cleansing cloth, but I have previously used one similar by the brand Pai skincare. I find these cleansing cloths to be a little rough for my sensitive skin and only effective with cream cleansers. Because I use a foaming cleanser, I love to use cotton pads, which are very gentle on my skin. I personally don’t use her face products as I am currently very happy with my skincare routine, which was recommended to me by my aesthetician. I use products from “Environ,” “Dermalogica,” and “Dr. Spiller.” I find that I get more for my money with these products and they work so well for my dry, sensitive skin. However, some of the products you can only get via stockists at clinics, but Dermalogica is a really great skincare brand that is easily accessible. If you search “My Perfect Skincare Routine & My Skin Journey” on my blog, you can read up on my skin type and products I use in detail. I would definitely recommend KORA’s body wash and Rosehip Body oil out of her body products. Hope this helps 🙂 xx

      • Darn it, about the body lotion. But that’s awesome about the body wash and exfoliating cream. I’ve heard of Environ, perhaps I’ll check them out! I have combo/oily skin and it’s so hard trying to find a product I like.

      • I definitely recommend Environ’s products! It’s used in spas and clinics everywhere so you know its good stuff 🙂 I have tried the Kora foaming cleanser and enjoyed it, but found it a little too much for my dry skin. Because you have oily skin, you should give it a try!

      • Oddly enough, I received her Combo/Oily skin face pack a couple years ago for Christmas, but I can’t remember if I noticed an ultimate difference in my face. I do love her Purifying face lotion, but I’m trying to find cheaper, but still organic options. I’ve been into the Boots Organics and Boots Botanical brands.

      • Yeah it’s a shame her products are really expensive! I personally haven’t found any amazing organic face products that I could recommend to you. For me, if I find that a skincare routine is working for me, I tend to stick to it. I have found the best products for me combine organic ingredients & “science.” So for now I’m sticking to Environ, Dermalogica and Dr Spiller 🙂 Good luck on your search! Let me know if you find anything amazing.

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