Beauty Tip Of The Day: Avoid Using Multiple New Products On Your Skin At Once

Medicine cabinet full of skincare products

Hello Beauties!

A short post today, but hopefully a very helpful one! One of the best beauty skincare related tips I have for you today is to avoid using too many NEW products on your skin all at once. This is especially important for people who are experiencing a breakout and have the urge to use every new product on the market to help eradicate the problem. However, this only makes your skin more sensitive and reactive, increasing irritation and making the problem so much worse. I know because I have been there many times in the past! The best thing to do is to be gentle with your skin, and avoid overusing too many new products all at once. By only introducing one new skincare item within your routine at a time, you are able to properly assess and see if that product makes a difference to your skin or is in fact an irritant. You should only switch up that one new product within your tried and true skincare routine that you know works to see its effect on your skin. This also help to avoid irritation as your skin could freak out by the overwhelming amount of new products being applied. If you experience irritation or a breakout within the time frame you introduced the new product within your regime, you at least know what the culprit is.




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