Beauty Tip: Limit the Amount of Products You Put on Your Skin

Woman Applying Moisturizer

With years and years of trial and error on my skin, I have definitely learnt what to do and what NOT to do. One of the biggest beauty tips i’ve learnt and practice now is to limit the amount of products I use on my skin to avoid suffocating it and clogging my pores. Layering and layering products on your skin does more harm than good. It doesn’t let your skin breathe, because you are suffocating it with all these different mixtures of ingredients. I used to use around 6-8 products with my skincare and makeup routine. Now, with my skincare routine, I only cleanse, tone, and moisturize. This has significantly helped my skin as it’s no longer irritated or clogged like it used to be. It also makes your routine ten times faster! My makeup routine now also consists of three steps. I use the same mosturizer (no added primer), my powder, and a setting spray. Keeping everything simple is the way to go!

Sue Dann, the national trainer for the German skincare range, Dr Spiller (I use their wonderful collagen cream), explains in an article why too much product is really bad for your skin. Dann explains that part of why this luxury anti-ageing brand is so successful is that, their formulations “…work with th skin you have, rather than against it.” Sue explains that;‘”Good skin, like a good relationship, is the result of good habits practised daily, over the long term. It requires regular application of home care prescribed by a skin care professional.” Basically, what she is getting at here is to stick to a simple, good quality skincare regime ritually and avoid changing up your products, as well as using a lot of different products all at once. I couldn’t agree more with her! Your skin can’t handle a lot of different products all at once. If you just stick to your simple 3 steps, cleanse, tone, and moisturize, your skin will love you!

-Read the full article here.





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