“Natural” & “Organic” Skincare Can Still Clog Pores

Hello beauties!

Today I really wanted to talk about the misconception that is out there in the beauty world, in particular with today’s craze over organic makeup and skincare. Just because a product contains “natural” or “organic” ingredients, doesn’t mean it will not clog your pores and cause acne or skin irritation. However, I do believe that choosing the right organic skincare with quality ingredients that don’t clog pores, is out there. From my experience before researching pore clogging ingredients, I thought that using natural and organic ingredients, such as coconut oil, would do my skin wonders. And boy was I wrong. I would get huge cystic lumps anywhere I would put coconut oil on my face, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. Coconut oil has a rating of 5 (being the worst) as a very comedogenic (pore clogging) ingredient in skincare. Before going to my beloved skin clinic, i was using a lot of mainstream organic skincare that claimed to clear skin, however my beautician said that i didn’t have acne, but rather clogged pores, due to my skincare regime. I was shocked because i had trusted this organic skincare line, however it turned out to clog my skin and make matters worse! And so, instead of using these natural oils on my face, i was put on a water based skincare regime, which seriously saved my skin! From experience, I think that steering clear from mainstream skincare lines claiming to be pure, organic, and made to clear your skin, is the right way to go. Instead, look for niche organic skincare lines that may not be so mainstream, but still heard of, is a start.

Many natural or organic skincare products that are geared towards acne skin and promoting clear skin contain these pore clogging ingredients that rather than help the problem, sadly create the problem. I believe there needs to be stricter government regulations with skincare companies in what “organic” ingredients they use in their product when selling a product geared towards acne prone skin. I don’t think it’s fair that they expect consumers, who aren’t chemists, to distinguish pore clogging ingredients. I’m not saying that every organic skincare line is pore clogging, but it all comes down to the ingredients and what is known to clog pores, as well as what ingredient your skin doesn’t agree with.  There are also good oils out there, such as grapeseed oil and avocado oil. I’m still on the hunt for quality organic skincare that doesn’t clog pores; and when I do I will most definitely share with you! I really encourage you to start reading up on all ingredients that you are putting on your skin (whether organic or not); after all your skin is your largest organ.

For more information on pore clogging ingredients that can cause acne, read here





5 responses to ““Natural” & “Organic” Skincare Can Still Clog Pores

  1. I have also heard many horror stories of how detrimental coconut oil can be for your skin. Some have claimed it has been amazing for their skin and others say it was the worst experience! I agree with you, people need to take the time to research and find what works best for them. I found the MOST AMAZING skin care items for my skin and they are natural and organic! And yes, plenty of people believe that because it is natural and organic that it’s okay but everyone is different.

  2. Interesting post. Thanks for sharing! I have been doing a lot of research on essential oils such as tea tree and peppermint oils which have helped me acne-prone skin. Coconut oil has not made my skin worse, but it hasn’t helped. I use it as a carrier oil when I dilute stronger oils with it which have worked wonders, but everyone’s skin is different. I’m hoping to do more research and find what’s best because I’ve been battling acne for years. I think the best way to avoid acne is using strong essential oils and a carrier oil but most importantly, a healthy diet is what has helped the most!

    • I agree that everyon’e skin is different and do truly believe that there are good essential oils out there, but there are also some bad. You just have to do research and experiment! I have tried tea tree and it is really good for zapping away blemishes but if i use it too often it can sensitise my skin. I also definitely agree that a clean balanced diet is key to clearer skin and drink plenty of water and tea! If you are struggling with clogged pores and acne, from my experience, i would suggest using water based products and steer clear from heavy oils. Doing this has made such a difference in my skin!

  3. kentwashington

    Mineral fusion moisturizer & foundation has been clogging my pores. Just bought honest beauty tinted moisturizer and it seems to be clogging my pores as well! I used to wear MAC & Other Nordstrom type makeup…never had these problems until I tried going all organic. Ah!

    • Hi! I completely understand your frustration. Everyone has different types of skin that can handle different types of products, whether organic or not. I personally wear Jane Iredale’s Purepressed base, which is a fantastic mineral pressed powder foundation. It has excellent coverage, doesn’t clog pores but rather helps skin to clear up and breather and it looks really natural. I always get compliments when i wear it! I used to wear MAC and other pore clogging heavy makeup, before i switched to natural mineral POWDER foundations, which are very light on the skin. Hope that helps! xx

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