Beauty Tip of the Day: Green Tea with Lemon


I just wanted to quickly share with you one of my biggest beauty secrets. I have always steered clear from any soft drinks, artificial cordials, and any other nasty drinks because it not only makes you feel bad, but it definitely shows on your skin as well. I have always loved my tea, but one that I cannot live without is my Green Tea with lemon. Green Tea with lemon has so many benefits for the skin, and that is the main reason why I drink it on a daily basis. I drink around 3-5 cups a day, which might sound like a lot but I really notice a difference in my skin when I drink this miracle tea!

Green tea, originating in China, has been around for more than 4,000 years. You definitely know there is something special about this tea if it has been around for this long! Green Tea is known to boost your metabolism, and with a hint of lemon, you can also combat skin ageing.  The lemon, in my opinion, adds that extra bit of flavour that plain Green Tea may not satisfy. Aside the many, many benefits of drinking this tea, the main one that I can notice is its amazing ability to help keep your skin clear, as well as speeding up the healing process.

I really encourage you to try Green Tea with Lemon if you are looking to detoxify your body and skin. I promise you will see a difference over time in your skin. It will literally glow and look more youthful and clear. You don’t have to drink as many cups as I do, as the natural caffeine in the Green Tea may keep you up at night! If you have any recommendations for other miracle teas for the skin, leave it in the comment section below!

For more information of the many benefits of Green Tea, check out this article:





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