Ice Facials


I thought i’d share one of the best beauty skincare secrets I know, ice facials. It’s affordable, available to everyone and very effective. Simply, wash your face, and apply the ice cube all over the face until it has melted away completely, or just to the affected area. Ice is incredibly effective in reducing swelling (that of a pimple in particular), as well as to help even out the skin tone, reduce puffiness, and help in anti ageing. Depending on how your skin is, I like to ice my face every night, after I cleanse and before I go in the shower. I find that it really helps to reduce swelling of pimples, as well as to keep them at bay. Another trick, is to place the ice cube under the eyes to reduce puffiness, as well as to act as a natural anti ageing treatment to really prevent wrinkles. I would really recommend you try this quick and easy beauty trick, as I know how well it has worked for my skin and hope that it makes a difference to yours!





One response to “Ice Facials

  1. hmmm…will have to try this out!!

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